Rec Room Table Painting Project

Student organizations are invited to design an image and paint it on a table in the Rec Room. Designs are due on October 26th. Painting days will be on Thursday November 1st, 8th, and 15th. Designs may be representative of the club but this is not required. Designs with nudity, carnage, and exploitative or racially or religiously insensitive depictions will not be accepted.

Signature Authority Form for Fund 6 Agency Accounts (Student Clubs)   – Required for Fundraising

Please fill out the information below to assign the signature authorities for your club account.  Only include those individuals who have permission to expend club funds.  There needs to be at least one Advisor and one Student Officer.  To ensure smooth access to your club funds, this document needs to be updated annually or any time there is a change to the names listed below.

Please return this form to Renee Henry or Dennis O’Hearn in the Office for Finance