Let Your Voice Be Heard About the Racial Climate at Santa Fe College

Santa Fe College is participating in the National Assessment of Collegiate Campus Climate (NACCC) survey. The purpose of SF’s participation is to get information from students about their experiences with race, not only at the college, but also in the community and throughout their lives.

SF strives to be an open, welcoming community, and the NACCC survey will be able to offer the college insight as to how students feel when you come to the college, and what events have influenced your world view.

You will soon be getting emails from Dr. Sasser, Alejandro Puga and other members of the SF family through the NACCC, encouraging you to take the anonymous 15-minute survey.

The data collected over the course of the next month will help guide the college moving forward in order to increase access, inclusion and opportunity for all students.

Students are encouraged to check their official SF email account (their @go.sfcollege.edu account) and complete the NACCC survey. Emails will go out beginning Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019. You will also receive occasional email reminders if you have not completed the survey.

Although completion of the survey is voluntary, the college encourages students to take part in this important survey. Learn more about the NACCC online at race.usc.edu/naccc.