Newizze Computer Science Scholarship Program

We would like to announce our first-year scholarship program. It is designed to motivate students to pay more attention to computer science. We’re excited of the thought that we may affect to the advance of those talents, this is how we care about our tomorrow and technologies which will be useful for the world.

So, who exactly can apply?

Unfortunately, not everyone may apply for our scholarship program. We have some requirements which you must meet:

• You must be graduated from high school. It can be a private or public school.

• You must be a resident of the United States and a first-year student in a computer science program in a college based in the United States.

• A minimum composite SAT score must be of 1350/1600 or ACT score of 27

• A minimum GPA of 3.0

• You must be interested in computer engineering.

How to apply?

Easiest thing in the world. Write a 2000-words article where you disclose a theme: “Web Development Trends in 2019”. You have to fill the form below and submit it as your application. We will request google doc with this article. We care about your privacy, and all data will be secured in the best way. Please note, we reserve the right to verify all data provided in the application.

Application Deadline: 1st of December (We will contact the winner and publish results on this page: