Scholarships for Foreign Language and Culture Studies

The Humanities and Foreign Languages Department is collaborating with the UF Centers for African Studies, Latin American Studies, and European Studies to provide SF students with information on how to obtain federal funding for foreign language and culture studies (also known as Critical Language Area Studies) at SF. The presentation will take place on 4/9 from 11am-12:15pm in bldg S room 29.

Representatives from the UF Centers for Latin American Studies, European Studies, and African Studies will be there to answer questions, and this is also a great opportunity for any faculty interested in building linkages between SF and the UF Centers. Two critical languages are being offered at SF in the Fall, and they are not subject to minimum enrollment limits:

  • Swahili (M, W 12:00-12:50 hybrid)
  • Portuguese (M, T, W, R 2:00-2:50)

At least two students at SF have already succeeded in acquiring federal funding to study Swahili as SF students. We hope this event will help faculty to encourage and assist students from a wide range of majors to pursue these lucrative opportunities.