Santa Fe Students Win Three Awards at Model U.S. Senate

Santa Fe students won three of seven awards for “Best Senator” at the 48th Annual Model United States Senate at Stetson University, held from March 28th through 30th.  At the Model Senate, students portray actual current United States senators, participating in party caucuses, committee meetings, hearings, and Senate floor sessions.  They get to introduce legislation, debate, negotiate, filibuster, and learn all about the legislative process, and have a lot of fun along the way.

Winning three awards was a remarkable achievement, especially considering that most of the students at the Model Senate are from four-year institutions and many have taken upper-level courses on Congress.  Below is a photo of our award winning students:  Brandon Friend (Best Senator), Mya Webb (Honorable Mention), and Jason King (Best Senator).  Our other senators, who also performed superbly, were Bree Bedell, Jakob Levin, Caleb Moseley (who won a Best Senator award last year), Griffin Nietling, and Charlie Vogel.