Faculty Research: “The Santa Fe River Turtle Project”

The RUE Spring Speaker Series continues as Dr. Jerry Johnston presents, “The Santa Fe River Turtle Project: A Case Study of Undergraduate Research.” Dr. Johnston’s talk will be held Tues., April 9, 2-3 pm, in S326.

Dr. Johnston is the Founder/Director of the Santa Fe River Turtle Project and Professor of Biology at Santa Fe College.  The Santa Fe River Turtle Project is a collaborative effort by scientists, students, and citizens to learn about the turtles inhabiting the Santa Fe River and to promote conservation of the entire Santa Fe River ecosystem in northern Florida. Since 2004, project participants have conducted a mark-recapture study of all turtle species throughout the river. Capture methods include trapping with baited hoop nets and hand capture while snorkeling. To date the project has captured, measured, marked, and released more than 7,000 turtles.