Student Maid Job Opportunity

Please apply on our website, to be considered for a position.

The Student Maid experience is unlike any part-time job out there. Once you’re out of training, you won’t have a manager standing over your shoulder every day. We leave it up to you to make sure the job gets done. We encourage you to speak up when you notice something could be better or something isn’t right. We don’t rush in to solve every problem that might come up on the job; we give you the power to solve problems yourself. But we realize not everyone has the tools to do all that right off the bat, which is why we also provide a paid workshop where you learn skills vital to your job–and your life. What you learn at Student Maid will benefit you long after you leave us.

What we offer:

– Flexible hours! Have another job, an internship, or classes? No problem! You tell us when you can work and we will schedule you accordingly. Shifts available 7 days a week from 7 am to 11 pm.

– Culture-centered environment! Work with other young adults and college students, enjoy company events, and work for a company that values you!

– Plenty of opportunities to earn tips and bonuses!

We are looking for:

– Dedicated people who are team players, who are enthusiastic about learning and personal growth, and who aren’t afraid of working hard.


During your time with us, in addition to learning how to scrub better than Mr. Clean himself, we will also help you learn how to:

– Build stronger interpersonal relationships

– Better communicate and accept feedback

– Be confident in your abilities and strengths

– Think independently

– Learn how to give meaningful recognition

– And more!

Please apply on our website at