UF@SF Advising Schedule For Summer

SCHEDULE OF UF ADVISING PROGRAMS, SUMMER 2019 – UF@SANTA FE CENTER *Programs located in HA132; contact joseph.stevens@sfcollege.edu/352.381.7136

CALS (ALL MAJORS) Walk-In Advising 5/30(TH)9:30-11:30; 6/20(TH)1:30-3:30; 7/9(T)1:30-3:30

  •  Agricultural Education & Communication Walk-In Advising 5/21(T)1:30-3:30; 7/2(T)1:30-3:30; 7/31(W)9:30-11:30
  • Animal Sciences Walk-in Advising 7/10(W)1:30-3:30
  • Biology Walk-In Advising 6/18(T)1:30-3:30
  • Family, Youth, & Community Sciences Walk-In Advising 5/16(TH)1:30-3:30
  • Food & Resource Economics Walk-In Advising 5/28(T)1:30-3:30; 7/16(T)1:30-3:30
  • Food Science & Human Nutrition Walk-in Advising 5/22(W)1:30-3:30; 6/18(T)9:30-11:30; 7/25(TH)1:30-3:30
  • Plant Science Walk-in Advising 6/6(TH)1:30-3:30; 7/11(TH)1:30-3:30; 8/1(TH)1:30-3:30
  • SFRC- Geomatics, Marine Science,
  • Forest Resources & Conservation, and Natural Resource & Conservation Walk-In Advising 6/5(W)1:30-3:30
  • Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Walk-In Advising 5/16(TH)1:30-3:30; 7/23(T)1:30-3:30

ARCHITECTURE, LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE, INTERIOR DESIGN, & SUSTAINABILITY Walk-In Advising 5/23(TH)9:30-11:30; 6/20(TH)9:30-11:30; 7/25(TH)9:30-11:30

DIGITAL ARTS & SCIENCES Walk-In Advising 5/28(T)9:30-11:30; 7/29(M)1:30-3:30

EDUCATION Walk-In Advising 5/29(W)9:30-11:30

ENGINEERING Walk-In Advising 5/20(M)1:30-3:30

HEALTH SCIENCES (PHHP) Walk-In Advising 5/22(W)9:30-11:30; 6/19(W)9:30-11:30; 7/10(W)9:30-11:30

JOURNALISM & COMMUNICATIONS Walk-In Advising 5/22(W)1:30-3:30; 7/24(W)1:30-3:30

NURSING Information Session 6/19(W)1:30-3:30

PHARMACY Walk-In Advising 5/30(TH)1:30-3:30; 7/31(W)1:30-3:30

PRE-HEALTH Walk-In Advising 7/30(T)1:30-3:30

SF Bachelors Advising/Sessions

NURSING Information Session 6/19(W)1:30-3:30