Study Smarter, Not Harder – Learning Commons

Strategically placed throughout the summer semester, the Learning Commons will host a 50-minute presentation, entitled, “Study Smarter, Not Harder,” adapted from award-winning scholar, Saundra McGuire’s book, Teach Students How to Learn. This presentation will provide practical research-based strategies to teach students how to use metacognition to enhance learning. In a recent survey of SF students who attended the presentation last fall, 97.6% of the respondents reported that they “learned a study strategy that could be implemented in their studies.” Please share this information with students as you see fit. The presentation will be offered per the following schedule:

Date, time, and location of sessions:

Tuesday, June 4 at 9 AM, Room A-001

Wednesday, June12 at 2:30 PM, Room E-104

Tuesday, June 18 at 11 AM, Room A-001

Wednesday, June 26 at 4PM, Room E-104

Tuesday, July 2 at 9AM, Room A-201

Wednesday, July 10 at 2:30 PM, Room E-104


Please email Keyna Wintjen ( for additional information or questions.