Phishing Emails Targeting SF Students

Santa Fe College Students: students have stated they received an email on their ( The email was related to Satisfaction Services Inc.

The email has the student apply online at ( The student then receives a letter in the mail by USPS. The letter has a check for $2,810.00. The student is to cash the check and go to Walmart and purchase, 5 (500.00) gift cards and the text a number with the numbers on the cards.  They are allowed to keep $300.00 for work, but within 3 days the check will bounce at the bank and then the bank holds the students responsible to pay the money back.

Also to note: 2 weeks ago another student came to the SF Police Department. She had received 3 checks, the bank refused to cash them, since they knew they were fraudulent checks. She stated the bank stated at that one branch that 8 Santa Fe College students and 6 University of Florida students had come in with this same information.

Please contact SF Police Department with any information related to these phishing emails.