Professional Safety – Professionally Trained

To provide professional cutting edge safe service, you have to be professionally trained. Over the summer, the Police Department ensured many staff received professional development in many topics.

Sgt Larry Cauthen became a crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) “practitioner” by attending a State Florida Attorney General classes on this subject. This allows him to better evaluate buildings and the physical environment from a safety perspective.

Officer Ryan Snider became “CIT” certified. Crisis Intervention Team training is a one week long class designed to provide advanced strategies and ways to communicate with vulnerable populations and better understanding, recognition, and response to those with mental health concerns. All sworn PD members attend this class offered 2-3 times a year in Alachua County.

Other members attended training on various topics at a college campus safety seminar, stress recognition, criminal justice systems and information training, stop the bleed training,  CPR & AED, and animal control.