Period Panel Campaign Kick-Off

Introducing the Period panel! The goal of the Period Panel is to collect menstrual products and raise funds so that the college can offer free menstrual products in student restrooms across campus and at each center. As research shows that  86% of women have started their period unexpectedly in public without the supplies that they need, this drive is an effort to meet the needs of our student population. The Period Panel is co-chaired by Student Body President Kate Santacruz, Vice President/CFO Ginger Gibson, and Vice President for Student Affairs Naima Brown.

The collection campaign will launch on October 10 with a screening of the Vagina Monologues – a frank, funny and fabulous feature film which provides insight into women’s varied experiences. The 77-minute film will begin at 1 p.m. in S-29 . Individual students and student organizations  are encouraged to come to the kick-off. We are asking attendees who can to donate a package of menstrual products.

After the screening, containers to collect menstrual product donations will be placed in each building on campus and at each center.   Please consider organizing a drive within your groups/classes to support this worthy cause.

Please see the webpage at for more information.