Learning Commons Updates

Academic Study Sessions:

CHM1025 Finals Group Tutoring:  Tutors and faculty will collaborate to provide focused study sessions in preparation for final exams.

Times Available: 12/2 11:00-2:00, 12/3 12:00-3:00

MAC1105 Finals Group Tutoring: Tutors and faculty will collaborate to provide focused study sessions in preparation for final exams. Times available: TBD

Anatomy and Physiology Mock Exams: Mock Exams for BSC2085, 2086 and 2084.  Students have an opportunity to take a sample practical exam for their courses using the anatomical models as they would in the final exam.  Available hours: 11/25 through 11/27 9:00 am-8:00.

Writing and Research Support:

End of Semester Writing Jam: The Writing Jam provide spaces for students to work on their writing. The sessions aim to shift the culture of writing to an everyday process for students while building partnerships with English faculty and the Learning Commons. The sessions are a great way to set up writing communities where students can work with their peers, faculty, and writing tutors. All sessions in Y-240

  • 11/25 8:00-2:00
  • 11/26: TBD
  • 11/27 8:00-4:00
  • 12/2: TBD
  • 12/4: 8:00-4:00
  • 12/5: TBD
  • 12/6 8:00-4:00

Library/Learning Commons Research Party: The end of the semester is upon us and final paper deadlines are approaching! The L.W Tyree Library and Learning Commons are offering three drop-in research parties to assist students with all aspects of research papers. Librarians, tutors, and coaches will assist with research, citing, and writing, along with academic success tips to keep students motivated. Food will also be available for extra fortification!

Sessions are scheduled for:

  • 11/18 11:00-1:00, Y-240
  • 11/26 2:00-4:00 Y-240
  • 12/3 4:00-6:00 Y-102

Application Essay Writing Workshop: In partnership with Humanities and Foreign Languages Department and International Education Programs providing tips and assistance on writing essays and statements for applications for college admission, scholarships, study abroad, internships and more.  November 19 10:30-4:30, room Y-240.

Learning Commons Presentations:

New workshops added.  All dates and times can be found on the LC Events Page.  Students may drop-in and attendance is taken so you can track for the purposes of assigning extra-credit, make up points, or graded assignments.  Reach out to me or Keyna Wintjen for tracking info.

New! Deep Dive: Use the Study cycle for Success (50 mins):  This workshop covers one of the most requested topics from our students – how to study effectively! Learn study strategies to make studying more active as well as how to organize study time to cover all subjects thoroughly.

Study Smarter Not Harder (50 mins):   The Learning Commons will host a 50-minute presentation, titled, “Study Smarter, Not Harder,” adapted from award-winning scholar, Saundra McGuire’s book, Teach Students How to Learn. This presentation will provide practical research-based strategies to teach students how to use metacognition to enhance learning. In a recent survey of Santa Fe College students who attended the presentation last fall, 96.7% of the respondents reported that they “learned a study strategy that could be implemented in their studies.”

New! Take Control of Your Time: Navigating Time Management (50 mins):  An interactive time management workshop that will discuss practical strategies to overcome procrastination, improve self-discipline, and build better (study) habits.

How to Beat the Test (50 mins):  This workshop will highlight test-taking strategies, discuss how stress affects performance, and remind students of the academic support services available to them.

New! How to Beat Test Anxiety (30 mins):  This presentation will provide practical tips to overcome test anxiety, offer some effective study strategies and time management skills, as well as emphasize the importance of self-care.