Congrats to SF Model UN Team

Please join me in offering a heartfelt congratulations to the Santa Fe College Model UN Team. Over the weekend they attended the Southern Regional Model United Nations Conference representing Germany and Palestine.

Our delegates who brought home awards for their portrayal of Germany. 

Ian Arnold, Honorable Delegate, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons;

Liam Ford, Outstanding Delegate, Security Council;

Willett Hancock and Sela Iverson, Outstanding Delegate, UN Habitat Governing Council;

Oriana Perdomo and Harleigh Freiberg, Outstanding Delegate, Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice;

Diego Mendoza and Josh Spence-Lehmann, Outstanding Delegate, International Atomic Energy Agency.

Additionally, Germany won an Outstanding Position Paper Award and received an overall OUTSTANDING DELEGATION AWARD!!!

In addition to winning awards, however, it is important to remember that in advance of these conferences the whole team (23 current members) embark upon making themselves experts in a wide array of technical topics–these include the environmental effects of microplastics, international norms on the treatment of journalists, proper protocol for nuclear waste disposal, effective sanction strategies, and standards of juvenile criminal justice reform. They research, build binders, write policy briefs, practice prepared and extemporaneous speaking, engage in mock causing, and learn the finer points of parliamentary procedure. While the fun of twelve hour days writing resolutions and building political blocs last a weekend, their devotion to global diplomacy requires months of hard work.