IoT Scholarship

Digiteum’s Internet of Things Scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students in the U.S. who studies, undertakes internship or practices computer engineering and science.  This program is ideal for those who show particular interest in IoT and big data as well as the juniors who take part in the relevant projects and pursue the careers in design, engineering, architecture, and analytics in this field.

The award of Scholarship: $2000
The application deadline is on April 1, 2020

Make sure you meet these requirements before you apply:

  • The applicant must be a U.S. citizen.
  • The applicant is either an undergraduate or a graduate student of one of the U.S.-based college or university.
  • The applicant studies engineering and computer science or currently undertakes a relevant internship.
  • The applicant is able to provide a short (350 words) internet of things essay together with the application form.

For more information, visit the website