Career and Job Placement Services is open and available online

As we weather out the storm, consider using some of that downtime to work on your resume and cover letter. Many of the services Career and Job Placement provides such as resume creation and editing are now being accomplished online and through email so please reach out to us for assistance. Video conferencing is available and can be scheduled for specialized services such as mock interviews.

There is employment out there but very limited. I suggest continuing to check the student job board and [] and check often as needs are changing quickly. Pay particular attention to the most recent postings as they will be the most relevant. Focus on Essential businesses — this includes grocery stores, healthcare providers, news outlets, banks, gas stations, restaurants and other facilities that prepare and serve food. Don’t be afraid to apply for jobs you know are on hold as well. Those needs will still exist once things calm down. Please let us know any questions you have and how we can assist you during this challenging time. Contact us.