A Message Regarding Summer Classes

SF Students-

With the exception of very few courses that may only be taught face-to-face, all SF courses in summer 2020 will be taught online, either as “traditional online” courses or as “virtualized hybrid” courses.

Sections offered as traditional online courses have section numbers starting OM for Summer, AM for summer A, BM for summer B, or DM for summer D.  The course locations for these sections are labeled “WEB *C-OMP” to denote they are traditional online courses.  Students will be charged a distance learning fee for traditional online courses.

Virtualized hybrid courses are online courses that include real-time, online class meetings or activities – where students and their professor are online together.  The section numbers for these courses begins with an A01, A02, etc. for Summer A; B01, B02, etc. for Summer B; C01, C02 for Summer C; or D01, D02, etc. for Summer D.  The course schedule also lists the days and times these classes will meet online.  The course locations include a campus (Northwest Campus or an Educational Center) and O-FFS to denote they are virtualized hybrid courses.  Students will NOT be charged a distance learning fee for virtualized hybrid courses.

All courses become available in Canvas on the first day of the term. If you register after the term begins, you may not be able to access it in Canvas until the following day.

Class begin on Monday, May 11.  Register today!