Get Your Student ID With Our Online Service!

Student ID card services are now online!

Students must be enrolled in classes and have tuition paid (or deferred) before getting an ID.

To get started make an appointment in our virtual lobby.

Please select Online ID service and we’ll send you a zoom link at the time of your appointment.

You’ll receive an email letting you know to send in the photo you want for your ID card. Please follow the photo, government issued ID, and mailing guidelines, so that your card isn’t delayed.

ID Photo Policies

Make sure to attach a photo of yourself that follows these guidelines. Student photos not following these guidelines will need to be retaken.

  • Face the camera with your head centered in the frame, and not tilted, with a neutral expression or natural smile.
  • Use a clear image of your face. Do not use filters.
  • Adjust your attire so that your entire face is visible.
  • Use a neutral background preferably plain white. Do not crop out the background or retouch the photo.
  • Remove sunglasses or tinted glasses.
  • Remove hats or head coverings. These are only allowed for religious or medical purposes.

Government Issued ID Policy

Make sure your full name on your government issued ID (State Issued ID card, driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc.) matches what we have in the system. If you need to change your name please do so with records first.

To update your name or date of birth, submit a Student Information Change Request(Opens in new window) to: in new window)

Mailing the Card

Your SF ID card will be mailed to you so make sure your address is correct in the system. Cards will only be mailed to the current address we have on file so check eSantaFe and make updates prior to beginning the process.

ID Card Return Policy

The purposes for the cards are to ensure proper identification for access to college facilities, resources, events, and activities. The cards are property of the college and should be presented or surrendered to college staff upon request.

SF ID cards should be returned to the college upon termination of the holder’s relationship with the college.