Student Support Services Information

The mission of Student Support Services is to provide its participants with the services and support necessary to achieve persistence, good academic standing, intrapersonal growth, and increase graduation rates while encouraging students to further their education.

While we are working in a hybrid manner, the Student Support Services (L-051) continues to assist eligible students both on campus and remotely with services such as:

  • Tutoring
  • Academic coaching
  • Personal support
  • Professional & Career Mentoring
  • Financial Aid Assistance
  • Access to the SSS computer lab (L-046)
  • Calculator loaner program
  • Among other supportive services.

Our program serves students whose parent or guardian did not receive a four-year degree, students who meet TRIO low-income guidelines, or students registered with the Disabilities Resource Center. However, suppose you believe that a student could benefit from the SSS but are unaware of their eligibility. In that case, we encourage you to refer them to us, and we will assess accordingly and connect them to resources as needed. 

We are currently accepting students for our program and kindly invite you to share this communication with your classes and department in our effort to reach the Santa Fe College community. Below is a video detailing information about the program so please feel free to share it widely!

Should you require additional information, have questions, or wish to refer a student, please contact me at 352-395-5067, via email at or at our SF website.