Santa Fe College Esports: FIFA 21 and Madden 21 players competing in Playoffs

This spring, Student Life has joined PlayVS, a platform that manages game schedules and works with game publishing companies to provide season winners with scholarships and in game prizes. The titles this season included Fortnite, Overwatch, FIFA 21, Madden 21, and Rocket League.

Of the four titles Santa Fe played this season, three students will be participating in playoffs from April 22 – 25. FIFA 21 player (PS4) Hugo Granillo took fifth place. Our two Madden 21 (PS4) players, Ryan and James Pittman finished in 2nd and 8th place, respectively.

Ryan is also known as “Tebow” in the Madden Community. He is 21 years old and currently pursuing his degree in business administration. Ryan has competed at the highest level of Madden featuring multiple appearances in tournaments worth over six figures. He looks forward in representing Santa Fe College in the playoffs, and to bring home a championship. A word from Ryan, “It’s awesome to be able represent Santa Fe College with my skills and try to bring a championship home and I’m confident with my skills I can. Go Saints!”

James is a 28-year-old business major here at Santa Fe college. He has enjoyed playing Madden since he was much younger. He is excited to be able to represent Santa Fe College in the playoffs on the national stage. James says, “I’m confident with the momentum I have that we will be hoisting the trophy for our school. Sic Em Saints!”

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Santa Fe students interested in playing in the fall season and employees interested in coaching for fall should email Emly Reinhardt at