The Learning Commons Workshops May 18-20

Hey Students,

The summer semester is off to a great start!  Now is a great time to plan to attend one of the Learning Commons workshops.  We look forward to seeing you there!

5/18 Tuesday 11 am “Study Smarter, Not Harder” – This workshop is adapted from award-winning scholar, Saundra McGuire’s book, Teach Students How to Learn.

In a recent survey of Santa Fe College students who have attended the presentation, 96% of the respondents reported that they “learned a study strategy that could be implemented in their studies.” Join via this Zoom link.

5/19 Wednesday 3 pm  “Take Back Control of Your Time:  Navigating Time Management” – This interactive time management workshop will discuss practical strategies to overcome procrastination, improve self-discipline, and build better (study) habits.  Join via this Zoom link.

5/20 Thursday 4 pm “Deep Dive:  Use the Study Cycle for Success” – This workshop covers one of the most requested topics from our students – how to study effectively! Learn study strategies to make your studying more active as well as how to organize your time to make sure you cover all your subjects thoroughly.  Join via this Zoom link.