Fighting, Feeding, & Evolution Research Opportunities for Fall 2021!

Do you have an interest in behavior and evolution? on The Miller Lab is currently seeking passionate undergraduates to aid with an ongoing experimental evolution project testing the effects of fruit size on insect morphology and mating systems.

Gain hands-on experience conducting research and rearing leaf-footed cactus bugs (Hemiptera: Coreidae)

  • Develop technical skills in insect husbandry and data collection
  • Become a member of our lab and receive ongoing mentorship
  • Positions available beginning in August 2021 for UF Fall Semester
  • Opportunities for academic credit
  • Freshman and sophomore students encouraged to apply!
  • The Miller Lab is a diverse and inclusive group that welcomes students with marginalized identities and aims to address class, race, gender, and ability-based barriers to academia

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact James Boothroyd at with your CV and availability! We look forward to hearing from you!